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200 Three-Temperature Trucks

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200 three-temperature trucks

Our trucks are equipped with 3 different temperature zones and meet HACCP standards.

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Cryogenic nitrogen refrigeration truck

Sustainable and clean, our new refrigeration crates cooled with cryogenic nitrogen reduce CO2 emissions for the entire vehicle by 40%. This liquid nitrogen system only releases nitrogen, a natural component of the air. It also reduces the emission of fine particulate matter by 90% compared to a traditional diesel cold group. With these new trucks, La Provençale is working to improve its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.

This cryogenic nitrogen system emits less than 57 dB (noise produced by two people in normal conversation 1 m away), allowing us to deliver in the city discreetly, even at night.

In addition to respecting the environment and the silence that this system brings to cryogenic nitrogen, the cold chain is even safer than with a cold diesel group. This system does not need an engine to operate. Even when the truck is at a standstill, the refrigerated crate is running at full power.


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