Our team of cheese makers consists of five people who have been trained by a refiner to inform you and guide you in the choice of your menu. Some 150 refined cheeses, mainly raw milk, have been selected to satisfy the demand of our customers, from the simple amateur to the greatest connoisseur.

We offer whole cheeses and cutting. On request, we compose your platter of custom-refined cheeses. Planning a cheese buffet for an event? Ask for a "finger-food" buffet, we prepare the cheeses in portions of a bite and we come to install it on site, the day that suits you.

In order for your staff to serve your customers as best we can, we have created a "let's talk about cheese" catalogue in which we have written the history of each of our refined cheeses. You will be able to talk about the origin of these as if you knew the producer personally. If that's not enough, we organize tastings/trainings that you can participate in with your staff so that the cheese has no more secrets for you.